Which is the best location to do business in UAE?

The Government of UAE has transparent and business-friendly policies. If you want to step into the business world of UAE, you will require a local sponsor who will be holding 51% shares of your company. Otherwise, you have to set up your business across the Free zones and enjoy 100% ownership also zero duty fee. Now, UAE consists of 7 Emirates.

Here are the cities that are best to start a business in UAE –

Dubai Is The Hub Of Business In The Middle East As Well As In The Entire World

30 years back Dubai started from scratch, doing oil trade. The trade was ongoing in the best way possible, today Dubai is the shelter of almost every business. Tourism, travelling, logistic, trade, finance, apparel, gold, and many more industries have thrived in Dubai. Dubai has many SEZ and free zones to help you with your 100% ownership while doing business. Set up business in Dubai to make the most out of your business. Dubai world central has recently got changed into Dubai South free zone, where it is a new habitat for aviation centre, E-Com, exhibition, humanitarian and much more.

Abu Dhabi Takes The Second Place To Perform Business In Dubai

It also has a few free zones to conduct business and enjoy full freedom. The main business is tourism, but alongside there are many businesses that run side by side. Abu Dhabi is much more conservative in terms of business policies and environment, but nevertheless, it has way more money than any other place of UAE. For the friendly competitive nature in business, it is anyway a great environment to work in.

Ajman – The Hub For Construction Industries

If you want to invest in the construction business, Ajman is the correct place in UAE. You can make the most out of your ROI in the construction business, if done right, in Ajman. Ajman has a lot of free zones which you can easily check on maps, spread across a massive area in comparison to other places. Free zones make is very much business friendly. Today UAE has spread wings in the world of business and has a balanced economy. The prime reason is being a constructive, developing and systematic nation.

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