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Freelance Visa Dubai

Freelance Visa Dubai
People who move to Dubai, the most popular and populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), can find excellent working flexibility. Compared to earlier times, setting up a business or commencing operation as a freelancer in the Emirate is easier nowadays. Freelancers find it extremely cheap to operate in Dubai due to striking initiatives introduced with the gig economy’s growing popularity.

We have been coming to the rescue of all those residents moving to Dubai with an intention to start their own firm or begin working as a freelancer. Our responsibility is to assist and make it easier for freelancers in different sectors who apply for a work permit and freelance visa in Dubai and obtain the same in a quick time without any hassle. Keep reading to know the best way to apply for a freelance visa in UAE.

Obtain A Freelance Work Permit, license and Visa in Dubai Hassle-Free

Obtain A Freelance Work Permit, license and Visa in Dubai Hassle-Free

The TECOM Group is in charge of issuing the freelance work permit in Dubai. The license gives one the permission to function as an independent contractor. However, remember that it is paramount to renew the license every year to keep operating as a freelancer.

The freelance work permit is perfect for all those who move to Dubai on their parent’s or spouse’s visa. To work as a freelancer, not only in Dubai but anywhere in UAE, they require this particular license.

Individuals who intend to start working as a freelancer to earn their livelihood after moving to Dubai, but do not get sponsored by their spouse or parents, are required to file an application for a freelance visa. The freelance license in Dubai is a residency permit that gives an individual authority to reside and operate as an eligible freelancer in UAE. You need to renew this specific license every three years.

Individuals Allowed Applying for the Freelance Permit Dubai

Individuals Allowed Applying for the Freelance Permit Dubai

To set up a business or work as a freelancer in the Emirate, it is of the utmost importance to meet the eligibility criteria. There are multiple flourishing sectors for which you can receive permission to operate as a freelancer in Dubai. The below-mentioned ones are some of Dubai’s prime sectors where you can successfully work as a freelancer.

You are qualified to file an application for the freelance work permit in Dubai if you intend to pursue any of the professions, including scriptwriting, acting, reporting, digital marketing, independent journalism, education training or consultation, customer support service, graphics designing, video editing, and web designing and development. You can do many more freelance activities hassle-free in Dubai after obtaining the freelance work permit and visa.

Here’s to inform you that the Dubai Media City is responsible for issuing your freelance visa if you wish to pursue freelancing in the media sector. The Dubai Internet City issues freelance permit for the IT sector, and Dubai Knowledge Park issues the same for the academic sector.

Irrefutable Advantages of Having a Dubai Freelance Permit and Visa

You can reap many advantages once you meet the freelancing eligibility requirements and obtain a license to work as a freelancer in Dubai.

Flexibility :One of the prime benefits of having a freelance visa is that you get the opportunity to carry out freelancing activities for several companies belonging to one particular sector. The flexibility aspect is what drives most individuals moving to Dubai to pursue careers as freelancers.

Affordability :The affordability factor of obtaining a freelance permit and visa in Dubai implies that you get the chance to offer freelance services at reasonable prices. Aside from the lower establishment expenses, there isn’t any need to rent or buy a commercial space to commence operation as a freelancer in Dubai.

Work Freedom :A freelance visa and work permit in Dubai permits you to successfully operate as an independent contractor. When you have a freelancer visa in Dubai, you can function as an independent contractor for multiple business organizations or companies across the United Arab Emirates. The license allows you to enter the business area of the free zone easily.

Sponsor Family Members :With a genuine freelance visa and work permit in Dubai, you get the opportunity to sponsor your family members to move to Dubai and reside with you.

Top Steps to Take to Apply for and Obtain a Permit and Visa in Dubai

You need to take only a few essential steps to file an application for and get the permit and visa to work as a freelancer in Dubai. Following are the vital steps:

  • File an application for a freelancer permit in Dubai online
  • Fill out the freelance permit application form completely
  • Submit the requisite documents (CV/Resume, Passport, Visa copy, Bank Reference Letter)
  • Submit a No Objection Certification (NOC) from your UAE sponsor or employer
  • Constantly follow up after applying for a work permit online
  • On receiving freelance license/permit, apply for freelance employment visa online
  • Post freelance visa application submission, you need to complete the residency visa processes to obtain a Dubai residency visa, the validity of which is only three years from the issuing date

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