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Apply for Golden VISA Dubai, UAE

Golden VISA DubaiThe United Arab Emirates or UAE’s long-term golden visa is a long-term residence visa. If looking for a reliable source in UAE to help arrange for the visa, Dubai Business Setup is the one. Be it for business setup, work, living, or study in UAE, the experts can help you. Get the visa for 5 or 10 years, and it renews automatically.

If you are looking for easy golden Visa solutions in UAE, look nowhere than Dubai Business Setup. The recent changes in the visa application process require everything to note the eligibility criteria.

Application and Eligibility to Apply for Golden Visa UAE

You can opt for the golden visa UAE application through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. An investor should have 10 million of public investment as a company or investment fund for a 10-year visa. The only difference in eligibility with the 5-year visa is that the investment amount should be 5 million.

UAE’s Golden Visa: What is it, and who is eligible to apply?

Golden Visa UAE for Real Estate Investors

Investors should fulfil the following:

  • Purchase property of not less than 2 million
  • Property loan should be from a specific bank
  • Property from an off-plan property of not less than 2 million

Golden Visa UAE for Entrepreneurs

  • Entrepreneurs should own or partner in a registered enterprise with company revenue not less than AED 2 million
  • Get a start-up idea from an official incubator
  • Entrepreneurs should have a project that isn’t less than AED 2 million

Golden Visa UAE for Exceptional Talents

  • The talents and innovators from art, culture, digital technology, and sports can opt for the visa
  • The talents approval from the local or federal government

Visa for Scientists

To be eligible for the visa, scientists should have Master’s degrees or PhD with research achievements. Moreover, scientists need a recommendation from Emirates Scientists Council.

Visa for Skilled Workers

The skilled workers can qualify if having the following:

  • The skilled workers should have a bachelor’s degree
  • Has valid employment contract
  • The minimum salary is lower than Dh 30,000
  • Job should fall under occupational level of ministry of HR

Visa for Students

Students with academic excellence having high scores in schools or universities are eligible for 10 years visa. The talents from the 100 best universities can apply.

Visa for Professionals

Professionals with a high educational qualification are eligible. Individuals can have experience in different disciplines. It requires a valid employment contract, bachelor’s degree, and monthly salary of AED 50 000.

Eligibility for Doctors and Nurses

The requirement for doctors is licensing with the health regulatory body. The unsung heroes, the nurses, and other medical staffs are eligible. Doctors (Certificate of licensing to practice the profession in Arabic (Health Authority – Ministry of Health – Dubai Healthcare City) deserve due to their recognition of sacrifice and efforts.

Visa for Pharmacist

The pharmacist also needs licensing from health regulatory bodies. This is how they are eligible for the UAE golden visa.

Get Timely Visas from Professionals

Our Dubai Business Setup company professionals can help with visa application, considering your eligibility criteria. Check the price details and requirements before applying. Contact our specialists and request a call back for the visa registration. We will try to arrange for the application and grant it within a few days.

We serve all around Europe and America to set up a company in Dubai from London, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, USA, Canada, Mexico, New York etc. Our business consultants assist you in getting all the important licenses, VISA & bank accounts for your business from the government. We have expert team to get Golden Visa in Dubai for professionals and investment basis. Being the leading expert in company establishments, we have been offering various services for professionals and entrepreneurs like non-resident bank account, corporate account opening to help them start their businesses a fresh.

Frequently asked questions

The golden visa UAE price depends on service and category of visa. It costs between AED 2800 and AED 3800. The price is AED 3800 and 4800 when you apply outside the country. You can ask for cost details from a Dubai Business setup company specialist.

The visa holders can stay outside UAE for a long. However, they can stay for 6 months before losing the validity of the visa. Students should know the details before applying for the visa.

The visa holders get a long-term residency facility in the UAE, great stability, and peace of mind. It helps one invest and grows a good career in UAE. Moreover, the holders can sponsor their family, dependents, and senior employees as per eligibility and nature of sponsorship of the visa.

It is easy to get a visa by company formation. You have to ask for a trade license and go through legal formalities. Besides, the company formation costs have to be around AED 18500 in Dubai to get a golden visa.

The visa gives long-term residency in UAE. You can renew it for five or ten years per its category and its requirements.

Yes, frontline workers with extraordinary contributions, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic, are eligible to get a golden visa.

For applicants within UAE, the applicant has to submit suitable documents and wait for its approval for up to 48 hours. After cancellation of the current visa and complete medical check, the new golden visa will issue and take three to four working days. Therefore, there is a slight change in the application procedure for applicants outside UAE.

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