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Ecommerce Business Setup Dubai

Are you planning to settle in Dubai with an established business? Or do you have an existing business that you would like to shift and settle in Dubai? Especially, when it comes to ecommerce business, there are licensing formalities and several business setup activities to be completed on-time. There are certain factors that one should be aware of before starting a ecommerce business in Dubai.

Business Registration Is Mandatory

Every country has framed a set of legal procedures for businesses to establish and run. The business has to be registered by the government authorities and departments. For some countries, licensing may not be that tough to obtain. For gulf countries, the business owners have to go through various licensing and verification procedures. Once the authorities are satisfied after the inspection they grant you the license. This process takes 5-6 months.


Type Of Business You Want To Start:

Is that a physical store with a warehouse or a supermarket chain? Is that any tertiary sector service you want to start? Many business ideas are tingling in mind. It is you who need to decide the type of business you want to set up in Dubai.

Today, e commerce business has more potential rather than a physical store. Therefore, setting up an ecommerce business in Dubai, UAE is convenient and easy. One has to analyse and research the market demand for products and services. The statistics can better convey to you the business type to start with.


Determine Ownership and Licensing

Every business owner needs to obtain a license before setting up an ecommerce business. Apart from licensing, you have to abide by the taxation rules of the country. It is better to hire a chartered accountant or outsource to a law firm that can liaison on your behalf with the departments.

Choose The Right Jurisdiction:

Selecting the jurisdiction is equally important. Do you want to set up your ecommerce business in a free economic zone or in the mainland authority? The choice depends on the nature of the online business you are going to start. If you are awarded a mainland authority licensing, then you can trade freely in the local market. But if you get the free zone licensing, you have to work with a local distributor to sell your products. In both cases, the word “trade” is common. Therefore, you also need to own a trade license.

Check the scalability and the profit level you can get by researching both aspects. If you find working in a free zone is profitable for the business, you can go for it. For conducting businesses in the free zone, the authorities offer three advantages:

Start Building Your Website:

Whether buying in a physical shop or ordering online, shopping has become an ingrained activity. However, the latter is gaining popularity. Consumers find it convenient to order what they like and they get it delivered right at their doorstep. The eCommerce giants have dynamic websites well-coded and embedded with many lucrative features/offers.

You need to get acquainted with certain facts while developing website for your business. Some of them are:

  • Is it convenient for the customers to navigate throughout the website easily?
  • Is there a proper payment gateway installed to pay online?
  • Are the products categories perfect with detailed descriptions?
  • Do you have a responsive app for the business?
  • Are you offering what your consumers need?
  • Check the competitor’s website and compare if you can adopt any strategy of theirs.
Secure A Warehouse, Delivery Agents And Logistics:

To render a service you need only a physical location and staff who can visit your home to offer their service. But for an ecommerce giant, there are many factors to ponder. As online business involves the sale and purchase of physical products, you need to secure a warehouse where you can store your products.

In addition to a warehouse, you need to fix the delivery agents who can deliver the ordered products to the customer’s location. A perfect ecommerce business must have speedy and on-time service to satisfy their needs. Also, the business has to check their logistics department and keep monitoring them to fulfill any shortage of products.

If you are willing to set up an eCommerce business company in Dubai, Dubai Business Setup Consultancy will help you build your dream business. Dubaibusinesssetup Consultancy will offer you complete solutions for setting up a online business in Dubai. We also help in providing trademark, company registration, PRO services, and everything that involves in the formation of a company in Dubai, UAE.

Determine Your Location, Convenience, And Cost Factors:

Profit maximization for businesses is one of the primary motives. To obtain that level, one needs to determine the costs incurred on the operations. This shall be optimum and should not cross the profit levels. A convenient location is the first prerequisite.

Choose a location from where one can reach other parts of the cities for delivery and logistics. This step will cut down huge transportation costs that you might be incurring while operating from the wrong location.

It is convenient to travel for the delivery executives to specified locations for delivery. You need to set up your business in an area that is more profitable for you to manage and operate. It should be suitable for the business model to run easily and for smooth trading of the goods delivery.

Hire A Legal Business Setup Consultancy Firm:

Every country is bound by its business laws which every entrepreneur must be deeply aware of. Any breach or violation may land you in trouble. Moreover, the ecommerce license and business in Dubai is guided by certain cyber laws that are mandatory to follow. A law firm or legal consultancy will help your ecommerce business set up. They will guide you with the business laws and state regulations before you start a business. Hire them for consultation.

If you have the right resource and an ecommerce company to set up in Dubai, the country offers you a good opportunity.

If you have questions with registration of your Ecommerce Company and license, Dubai Business Setup is the best place where you will find the solution of all your queries.


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