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Canada Immigration & Permanent Residency

Canada Immigration
A report shows around 20000 people moved to Canada from the UAE in 2016. The number has grown in the last few years. People move to Canada because the Canadian immigration process is simpler than moving to the USA and other countries. Moreover, we are here to aid you in seamless immigration to Canada with our expertise and knowledge.

We are a team of veteran Canada immigration consultants who offer the best guidance on immigration to Canada. Finding the best Canada immigration consultants in Dubai, UAE is crucial for a seamless immigration process. We ensure that our clients face minimal hassles in immigration. Nevertheless, our consultants help you understand Canadian law for immigration with precision.

Canada Migration

Canada Immigration

A person living in the UAE can apply for Canadian immigration under various visa approval schemes. For example, a skilled worker can apply for a Canadian visa through Express Entry. On the other hand, a person can also apply for Canada immigration from UAE through the family sponsorship program. In such a case, someone in your family must be a permanent resident of Canada.

We make sure that you understand different types of Canadian immigration programs and regulations. Understanding them will help you apply for the visa correctly and get the approval easily. Moreover, we are the most trustworthy service provider for Canada immigration from Dubai, UAE.

Canada Permanent Residency

A Guide to the Canada Migration

Migrating to another country is a common thing among people across the world. In most cases, people seek citizenship in another country for their professional pursuits. Immigration to Canada is popular among skilled people who seek better job opportunities.

Canada has a small population, which causes worker shortages in different sectors. Therefore, the Canadian government has developed a simplified visa policy to accept immigration requests from skilled workers in different sectors. Reports suggest that the majority of applicants for Canada migration from Dubai seek residency in Canada for professional reasons.

Eligibility for the Canada Permanent Residency

People planning for Canada migration from Dubai should learn the terms and conditions for Canada permanent residency (PR). Obtaining permanent residency has many benefits, which will help your professional career flourish in Canada. The Canadian government has drafted the Residency Obligations to render permanent residence to people who meet the terms and conditions.

In a span of five years, a person should spend at least 730 days in Canada to obtain Canada PR. However, there are a few exceptions, and we help you understand those exceptions. The Canada immigration consultants at Dubai Business Setup will help you understand the steps of Canadian permanent residency and complete the process without hassles.

The Benefits of Permanent Residency in Canada

Since most people consider Canada migration for professional reasons, they want a permanent settlement in the country to pursue their professional careers. Obtaining a Canada permanent residency visa will fetch the following benefits for you.

  • Canadian Citizenship: People who obtain a permanent residency visa in Canada can also apply for Canadian citizenship in the future.
  • Flexibility: The Canada permanent residency gives you the flexibility to work, live, and study from anywhere in Canada.
  • Health Benefits: A person holding a permanent residency visa in Canada is eligible for health and social benefits.
  • Canadian Law Protection: Canadian law protects its citizens from injustices, crimes, and other mishaps. A permanent residency makes you eligible for Canadian law protection.

A person should carefully follow the rules and regulations while applying for permanent residency in Canada. At DubaiBusinessSetup, we offer end-to-end guidance on Canada immigration from UAE. You can pursue the dream of working abroad and enjoy Canada’s social, financial, and legal benefits through our professional immigration consultancy.

Eligibility for the Canada Green Card

After Canada migration from Dubai, people seek permanent residency in Canada. You should apply for a green card when you get permanent residency. We help our clients to obtain permanent residency and green cards in Canada. Our consultants help clients to understand complex legal processes and apply for a citizenship visa complying with the country’s regulations.

You should maintain a seamless track record after procuring the permanent residency visa. We give you the best guidance on immigration to Canada. Our consultants are poised with years of experience and knowledge to render the best guidance on Canadian immigration.


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