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IFZA Free Zone Company Formation Dubai

If you are a first-timer, you must essentially realise that the IFZA (International Free Zone Authority) is a new free zone in Dubai, UAE. To put it simply, it provides a handful of business options and issues trade licences to business start-ups, entrepreneurs, and freelancers in a variety of industries. Commercial investors can purpose the area for professional and trade-related licencing.

Any business investor looking for opportunities to enter IFZA must join forces with a reliable IFZA free zone company formation in Dubai. This is where Dubai Business Setup enters the picture. We ensure that you get that much-necessary IFZA licence for setting up trade in the Free Zone.

Easy, quick and professional free zone business setup

More and more foreign investors are choosing us at Dubai Business Setup to develop a strong understanding of the IFZA Dubai Free Zone. The recent time has seen a high valuation of commercial prospects and demand for participation in the new commercial hub. As we understand, the primary reason behind this rise in stalks is that it provides appealing company formation solutions. At Dubai Business Setup, we find it safe to admit that the International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) has fast developed a reputation for being Dubai’s most affordable free zone for business formation. We can help you identify sophisticated and high-tech business opportunities in IFZA UAE Free Zone. 

We have helped countless investors with their IFZA free zone company formation. Moreover, we have an extensive service catalogue for IFZA Company Formation- this includes digital equipment, large conference rooms, a substantial discount on the IFZA company licence, and excellent connectivity. There’s no denying that we at Dubai Business Setup strongly encourage aspiring business entrepreneurs and business start-ups to consider IFZA company formation. Ideally, you must finish reading this blog to develop a comprehensive understanding of the IFZA free zone company business setup in Dubai in 2022.

IFZA Free Zone Company Formation Dubai

Why Choose IFZA Dubai Over Other Free Zones for Your Business?

Ideally, you must partner with Dubai Business Setup to make your early moves to build a significant presence in the UAE market. We can provide you with valuable assistance in your IFZA free zone business setup. When you choose us, you decide to bring industrial competence to do business in Dubai- this can help you to a company in IFZA which can provide you with an easy-to-follow process, low-cost licences, and minimal paperwork. Here’s a detailed breakdown of the significant advantages we can help you accomplish with Dubai’s IFZA free zone business setup.

  • Options that are cost-effective for your business setup
  • The liability of a corporation established in the IFZA Dubai is limited
  • Offers a variety of non-visa and visa packages at substantial discounts
  • Allows you to engage in trade relations with companies from both the free zone and the mainland
  • Take advantage of a 0% income tax rate
  • The participation of shareholders is not essential for the IFZA free zone company formation
  • Allows you to conduct business outside of the United Arab Emirates
  • Increase the number of commercial and trading relations available to your organisation
  • Allows for complete ownership
  • Profits and money can be repatriated in their whole
  • Provides a remote registration process that is quick and easy
  • You can do up to six activities on a single licence.
  • Open a bank account without any complication
  • Having a real office place is not required
  • A job visa does not require a guaranteed deposit

Explaining the Procedure for Forming a Company in the IFZA Dubai Free Zone

Now that we have discussed the significant advantages of an IFZA free zone company, it’s time to discuss the procedure for forming a company- we can help you there. There’s no denying that registering a corporation in an IFZA free zone is as simple as clicking a few buttons- this is perhaps not surprising given so much of life now taking place online. You can allow us at Dubai Business Setup to assist you in registering. We will help you navigate the official website and choose a package that meets your business needs. Here’s a detailed step-by-step guide to forming a company in IFZA below to make it an easier grasp:

Step 1. You must visit our website online at Dubai business setup 

Step 2. Please select a package as advised by our advisor on the website.

Step 3. Choose a package based on our advisor’s recommendations on the website.

Step 4. You must submit each shareholder’s most recent UAE visit visa.

Step 5. Ideally, you will receive your IFZA Dubai License within ten working days of completing all of the requirements listed above.

What Are the Different Types of Licenses That IFZA Issues?

The International Free Zone Authority (IFZA) grants a variety of permits. At Dubai Business Setup, we can help you apply for the IFZA licenses listed below.

1. Commercial license

A business licence gives you the legal authority to import, export, and distribute operations.

2. Industrial license

You must ideally settle for an industrial licence if your business is set up to import raw materials in your area. It is essential to mention that you must have an industrial licence to manufacture and process a few specific commodities.

3. Professional license

Ideally, you must apply for professional licencing if you aim to set up consulting firms or service providers. We can help you get the license from the DED.

4. Consultancy license

Continuing from the above point, any consultancy service provider would need a consultancy licence from IFZA. This will allow them to deliver expert consultancy services to professionals.

5. Service license 

You can use your service license to engage with activities that involve manufacturing, transportation, or production. 

6. General trading license

There’s no denying that an IFZA general trading licence can allow you access to a wide range of services and trade opportunities. To put it simply, you can purpose the license to start trading your goods and services in B2B, B2C, and C2B business models.

It only fits to admit in the end that we at Dubai Business Setup can help you in establishing your IFZA free zone company. We believe that IFZA Dubai can be your single point of contact for all Free Zone business formation and administration services. We can help you expand your business by providing you with a strategically advantageous location- we can put you on the map to engage with the most dynamic business gateways. Contact NOW!

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