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Crypto Bank Account Opening in Dubai

Crypto Bank Account Opening in Dubai

UAE is a market that challenges you and gets the best out of your potential. Considered one of the most diversified economies, the UAE is highly lucrative for upcoming businesses. If you want to set up a crypto trading company, Dubai is a welcoming place. Strategically located, Dubai attracts a large number of entrepreneurs from across the world. For any budding crypto entrepreneur, Dubai is the best place to establish a business. Apart from its benefits, establishing a crypto company in Dubai, UAE, comes with a set of complex challenges.
While setting up a crypto company, you’ll come across challenges that require consultation and advisory. At Dubai Business Setup, we possess a team of qualified and expert professionals. Furthermore, we are a certified business setup consultant and can help you open a bank account for your crypto company.

It looks pretty exciting to start a crypto trading firm in Dubai. But taking care of all the government-related work can be burdensome. For instance, opening a bank account to deal in cryptocurrencies requires handling a fair bit of paperwork. We can start your business in Dubai with a jumpstart with our expertise and skills.

Bank Account Opening Assistance for Crypto Companies in Dubai

Bank Account Opening Assistance for Crypto Companies in Dubai

Processes associated with bank account opening for crypto companies in Dubai are rigorous. You have to liaise with various officials from the DMCC and DED to get approval for opening a bank account. Furthermore, you have to deal with comprehensive documentation procedures for registering a bank account.

We assist crypto companies to open digital business accounts with zero balance options. Though Dubai has friendly crypto regulations, you should be careful while opening a bank account. Here are some key highlights of our bank account opening services.

The Need to open a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai

The Need to open a Corporate Bank Account in Dubai

Due to the implementation of Common Reporting Standards (CRS), financial institutions have to report the data of account holders. Nowadays, even Swiss Banks can’t guarantee 100% secrecy of their customers’ data.

But the banks operating in the UAE are not liable to report the account holders’ data to the government officials. Moreover, banks in the UAE have a strong economic performance. International financial organisations cannot influence them, which ensures the safety of your crypto assets.

Furthermore, by opening a bank account, you can easily deal with cryptocurrencies. Our approach to open corporate and crypto bank accounts is always based on the clients’ needs. As every business is distinctive, we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. You can now open a corporate bank account in Dubai with our highly customised services.

Types of Bank Accounts you can open in the UAE

Resident Bank Account

After establishing a crypto company in the UAE, you can apply for a personal and corporate bank account. Note that a resident bank account is beneficial for foreign crypto investors. A resident bank account is non-reportable and offers many benefits to corporate and crypto companies. Features of a resident bank account are as follows:

  • Online banking facilities
  • Non-reportable bank account
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Debit and credit cards

Non-Resident Bank Account

If you didn’t get UAE residency and want to open a bank account for your crypto trading firm, we can help. A non-resident bank account has the following traits.

  • It takes more time to open
  • Limited facilities
  • Reportable to authorities
  • No credit and debit card facilities

Offshore Bank Account

Opening an offshore bank account is beneficial because of the following aspects.

  • The user-friendly online banking system
  • Boasts of the highest privacy levels
  • You can open offshore bank accounts without a residence Visa
  • Easy to open
Here is the list of crypto bank accounts you can open in the UAE.

Dubai Business Setup delivers its clients the most trustworthy bank account opening services. To learn more about our bank account opening services, contact us today

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