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TECOM Business Setup

The Tecom International City Free Zone has emerged as a leading hub in Dubai for investors who want to develop businesses in the sectors of technology and education. If you are one such investor, we at Dubai Business Setup can help you walk the path towards a successful business venture in Dubai.

Developed by the Tecom Group, this free zone has attracted numerous investors in the recent past. We have helped many of them to establish successful businesses in the free zone and continue to advise them in the matters of legal formalities and taxation.

Get Your Business Registered Flawlessly Through Us

Business registration is the first step towards a thriving business in the UAE. However, the registration process entails a lot of paperwork and documentation. While the paperwork procedures can be overwhelming, it is a piece of cake for us, who have been in this business for many years.

We guarantee a flawless registration process that can get your business up and running in a matter of days. We can also guide you towards getting the right licenses that can help in kick-starting your business in next to no time.

Before your business dreams become a reality, you need to go through numerous legal formalities. These formalities can seem tedious and tiresome, but our expert consultants are willing to toil on your business’ behalf. We can advise you on all the legal formalities that you need to adhere to and can help you set up your business in the fastest possible manner.

Tecom Free Zone Business Setup

Gain Valuable Information Regarding All Necessary Legal Formalities

Our professional consultants also have in-depth knowledge regarding the tax rules and regulations in the Tecom International City free zone. We look forward to sharing this knowledge with you so that you stay in line with all the necessary tax laws of this particular free zone in the UAE.

Mistakes in the registration process and other necessary paperwork may often cost you as a businessman. Numerous businesses have failed to take off in the UAE due to flaws in their paperwork. However, when you hire our services, your business is not just guaranteed to take off; it is guaranteed to soar to dizzying heights.

Successful business setup in Dubai Internet City TECOM (DIC)

We keep track of all the necessary paperwork and make sure that everything is in order. At Dubai Business Setup, we understand that the UAE authorities are very particular regarding the paperwork. That’s why our experts put forward all their focus towards making sure that all your paperwork and documentation is in order.

UAE’s free trade zones are gaining more and more attention with each passing day in the eyes of international investors. The zones allow business owners to have full control over their businesses, even without the presence of any local partners. There are many tax benefits too, with many of the zones not charging any corporate or business tax for a number of years.

With so many benefits to enjoy as a business owner, invest in a business in a Dubai free zone today, and let us be the ones to help you!

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