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Crypto Company Setup & Cryptocurrency License in Dubai

The cryptocurrency business is rising in popularity as many investors are looking at diversified options to amass wealth. At Dubai Business Setup, we help entrepreneurs to setup Cryptocurrency Company in Dubai, UAE. After firmly establishing itself as a business hub, the UAE is becoming one of the best crypto platforms worldwide. The Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) free zone recently launched a dedicated crypto centre.

The crypto centre caters to the unique needs of a Cryptocurrency Company in Dubai, UAE. The Department of Economic Development (DED) issues the crypto license in Dubai. But to get approved by the DED in Dubai, you need to have a feasible business plan.

Establish your Cryptocurrency Company in UAE with us

Do you want to evolve as the key liquidity provider to the global crypto market? Our company formation experts can help you establish your Cryptocurrency Company in Dubai, UAE, by collaborating with the DED officials. In Dubai, UAE, to setup a cryptocurrency business, the investor has to register the company with the DMCC. As one of the top crypto company formations, we will help you get the license from the DMCC. Setting up a crypto-based establishment in Dubai is not easy.

Crypto Company Dubai

As an entrepreneur, you have to take care of various aspects. Our company setup experts offer a wide range of services. Now you can conduct transactions in Blockchain technology with our expertise.

Crypto License In Dubai

We offer Reliable Crypto Bank Account Opening Services for Trading and Selling

To ensure that your crypto establishment runs hassle-free, you have to open a bank account. We provide seamless crypto bank account opening services in the Dubai, UAE. You can load cryptocurrencies for payments, trading processes, and operations with our dedicated services.

You can register your bank account to ensure trading on cryptocurrencies. Here is the list of required documents a crypto establishment needs to open a bank account.

  • Trade License
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Passport of all partners

Usually, the documentation process for opening a bank account for a crypto establishment involves various intricacies. At Dubai Business Setup, we’ll help you open a crypto bank account for your establishment.

We serve all around Europe and America to set up a company in Dubai from London, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, USA, Canada, Mexico, New York etc. Our business consultants assist you in getting all the important licenses, VISA & bank accounts for your business from the government. We have expert team to get Golden Visa in Dubai for professionals and investment basis. Being the leading expert in company establishments, we have been offering various services for professionals and entrepreneurs like non-resident bank account, corporate account opening to help them start their businesses a fresh.

Comprehensive Crypto Company License and Registration Services

To conduct legitimate trading and selling in Blockchain technology in the Dubai, UAE, you need a trade license. Moreover, you require proper registration and licensing services. Here is the list of license and registration services we offer.

Crypto Setup DMCC License

To get a cryptocurrency business setup DMCC license, you can consult us. The DMCC typically issues the two types of licenses namely, Crypto trading license and Distributed Ledger Technology Service. We have proven ourselves as a reliable partner to help get cryptocurrency businesses up and running. If you want a crypto license in Dubai, we can help. Our sales reps know completely about license-providing companies like DED, DMCC, and BRL.

Crypto Trading

Thanks to the lenient cryptocurrency laws in the Dubai, UAE, setting up a crypto trading company is relatively easy. As extensive documentation requirements, investors and entrepreneurs might find setting up a crypto trading company daunting. Setting up a crypto trading firm with us will help you with 100% foreign ownership of a local company, minimal restrictions for the transfer of the income and capital of a company and a favourable tax regime by setting up a crypto trading firm with us.

Proprietary Trading in Crypto

If you want to setup a proprietary crypto trading firm in Dubai, we’re your best bet. We help a proprietary crypto trading firm comply with the latest rules and regulations set by the DMCC. As a proprietary crypto trading agency, you earn from market activities. The registration of a proprietary crypto trading agency is an arduous process in Dubai. Being the best company formation experts, we can assist you setup a proprietary crypto trading organisation.

Metaverse License

Metaverse is the latest buzz in the realm of trading and selling via Blockchain technology. Obtaining a Metaverse license is compulsory if you want to develop and host virtual environments in Dubai, UAE. We are a credible business setup agency in Dubai and can easily simplify the process of applying for a Metaverse license. Our consultants can liaise with the proper authorities to provide you with a Metaverse license.

NFT Trading License

Every year, there is something new in the realm of Blockchain which becomes popular rapidly. The latest addition to this list is the concept of Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFT. With our expert business setup and licensing services, you can now conduct NFT trading in Dubai. Based on the regulations of the Virtual Asset Regulatory Authority (VARA), you have to obtain a license for NFT trading. We can help you acquire an NFT trading license in the Dubai, UAE.

Crypto Blockchain Technology

Executing transactions and selling cryptocurrencies via Blockchain technology requires you to obtain a license. It’s no secret that starting and successfully launching a project based on Blockchain technology is challenging. But our company formation experts will help you obtain a license for selling cryptocurrencies via Blockchain technology. The process of registration for commercial cryptocurrency licensing will be hassle-free by collaborating with us. We’ll help you comply with the latest regulations.


Usually, you have to consider various technicalities while opening a crypto firm in Dubai. To save your precious time and efforts, you can collaborate with our company formation services.

To start your cryptocurrency company in Dubai, you have to register it. Crypto license falls in the category of commercial license in Dubai. Collaborating with a business setup services is crucial to obtain your license quickly.

Dubai has a well-established regulatory framework for crypto trading. Moreover, you don’t have to pay taxes as a crypto firm operating in Dubai. Dubai is one of the best places where a crypto investor can move with legal certainty.

To operate a crypto business, you should obtain a crypto license. Obtaining a crypto license will be hassle-free with the help of our company formation services. Our consultants will actively collaborate with DMCC and DED officials to provide your crypto trading firm with a license.

Starting a Bitcoin trading facility is not easy. We deal with all the filling requests and will generate creative strategies to offer your business the proper roadmap. Our Dubai business setup consultants can collaborate with important officials and will make the business setup process more accessible.

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