Greece Golden VISA PR

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Greece Golden Visa & Permanent Residency

Greece Green CardGreece is a beautiful country with many possibilities, and a large number of people migrate to Greece from the Dubai, UAE. According to various economic surveys, the cost of living in Greece is 25% lower than the cost of living in the USA. Therefore, it is obvious that people seeking better professional opportunities with a low cost of living consider applying for a Greece green card.

Dubai Business Setup is a leading company to provide professional guidance on procuring a green card Greece. Our consultants will provide seamless guidance on applying for Greek citizenship. Moreover, you will find assistance that ensures a faster visa application confirmation. We have years of experience delivering the right assistance to our clients.

Greece Golden Visa

Types of Visas in Greece

People intending to migrate to Greece must learn the types of visas that the government of Greece offers to immigrants. A person cannot directly apply for the Greece permanent residency, as it comes with certain terms and conditions. Our company helps people with the following types of visa application requirements.

Greece Permanent Residency

Benefits of Permanent Residence Visa in Greece

Applying for permanent residency through a golden visa Greece comes with multiple benefits. In the following section, you can quickly glance at those benefits. Understanding the benefits is essential before applying for permanent residency. Moreover, consulting an expert to apply for a permanent residency in Greece is necessary.

Greece Second Passport

The Greece government allows citizens to keep dual passports. Therefore, you can keep a Greece passport and another country’s passport. A citizen of Greece gets all the facilities under the European Union citizenship.

Applying for a Greece 2nd passport involves various terms and conditions. You should understand those conditions before applying for a second passport. Our consultancy firm helps people who want to apply for a second passport to Greece.

Things to Know about Greece’s Green Card

The permanent residency card in Greece is known as Greece golden visa. You do not find a green card concept in Greece like in the USA. However, US citizens holding green cards can visit Greece without a visa.

US citizens should carry a valid passport issued by a state in the USA. People can seek Greece PR and access other countries that fall under the European Union. We offer complete guidance and in-depth consultancy on Greece golden visa. Apply for the Greece PR visa with us, and the process of visa approval will be hassle-free for you.


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