Cost of Setting up A Company in Dubai Free Zone

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Cost of Setting up A Company in Dubai Free Zone

Cost of Setting up A Company in Dubai Free Zone
The UAE has been an alluring destination for business visionaries from all over the world. Dubai administration has focused on sustaining and supporting the business by offering low taxes and duties. For entrepreneurs, Dubai has always been a strategic location to establish their business. It is a tax -haven country offering free zones to nurture business setup and operations.

The major reason for the business flocking here is the free zone company setup cost in Dubai. Before delving into deep, one must know about the free trade zone and why businesses prefer it as an optimum location. Dubai Government offers several advantages to such a business setup that are established in a free zone. To boost international trade and business opportunities, UAE started offering free business zones.

If you are planning to set up your company in Dubai, you must know the advantages of setting up a business in the free zone of Dubai.

Easy and Straight forward Business Setup

Easy and Straight forward Business Setup:

The procedure for setting up businesses and establishing any company in the free zone is quite easy. You need basic company documentation and valid ID proofs among which the passport is mandatory. For some selected business types, the application procedure may differ. The entire process takes about 15 days to settle.

100% Foreign Ownership :

The free zone company formation cost in Dubai is much less than the formation of the company in the Dubai mainland. Moreover, you need a local business or vendor when operating in Dubai mainland. However, when you settle your business in the free zone, you do not need any local partner; you are entitled to 100% ownership of your business.

Distribution And Trading In UAE

Distribution And Trading In UAE:

Businesses in Dubai are not allowed to trade without a local distributor or partner. These distributors will set up your goods and products in the market in return for a fee. You can establish your business in free zones and open a branch office later and start selling your products in the entire UAE.

Taxation Benefits:

The taxation system is the most convincing motivation to choose a free zone for setting businesses. Prices to set up the business are quite normal as there are subsidies provided by the government. Moreover, the nation also provides 0% corporate and personal tax in personal zones. They are also relieved from export and import tax.
Moreover, one of the biggest advantages of the free zone is businesses can trade with no restrictions on currency trading. These are exempted from tax.

Government Support And Assistance:

Business operating in free zones get assistance and preference in:

  • Applying for Visas.
  • Opening and maintaining corporate account.
  • Banking advisory function.
  • Financial support to startups by offering growth opportunities at nominal plans and prices.

Business in free zones maintains privacy and the government assures not to disclose the name of shareholders in public. Business owners can capture a large market in Dubai and expand their business globally. It is a better economic zone to reap out high profits with low investment and no-tax regulations. If you have questions with cost of setting up a company in Dubai free zone, Dubai Business Setup is the best place where you will find the solution of all your queries.

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