Real Estate Developer Company License

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Real Estate Developer Company License in Dubai

Real Estate Developer Company License in Dubai

How Can I Apply for A Licence for A Real Estate Development Project in Dubai?

A worldwide company called Dubai Business Setup supports companies in the Middle East by offering long-term solutions and tactics that promote business development. Our expert agents have contributed significantly to the change of businesses worldwide by taking an innovative approach to every project and maintaining an unrelenting commitment to quality and consistency.

What Makes Us Special?

Our ability to collaborate with various businesses across numerous industries is made possible by our presence in critical global economies.

We have dedicated international enterprise groups and expert agents from the Middle East in each location that assists clients in overcoming the hurdles that enterprises often encounter while conducting business abroad. We can differentiate our service because of our extremely high level of client awareness and adaptability.

How to Launch Real Estate Company in Dubai

How to Launch Real Estate Company in Dubai?

In Dubai, 22,504 sales transactions were recorded between April and June 2022. AED 59.15 billion, or $16.1 billion, was the total value of the trades. The volume of real estate sales grew by 45.9% from the same time in 2021.

These figures demonstrate how appealing Dubai real estate is to potential buyers worldwide. And where there is a substantial market for investments, there is also a need for complementary services like brokerage, property management, and development. Additionally, beginning any of these enterprises is simple and reasonably priced with the correct assistance.

Requesting a Real Estate Licence

Requesting a Real Estate Licence in UAE
When you rely on our expert agents, we will make sure your application for a licence to start your real estate firm in Dubai is submitted to the authorities once you’ve decided on your name, activities, and setup type. You must apply for a professional services licence to provide brokerage or property management services.

Either the Department of Economic Development (DED) or one of the numerous free zones in the UAE will accept your application.

Free zones frequently offer the most accessible and affordable ways to launch a real estate business. They also provide numerous alluring perks, such as 100% exemption from customs duty and zero per cent personal and corporate income tax. Additionally, unlike in many other nations, enterprises operating in free zones in the UAE can repatriate all money and profits. Currency and foreign exchange restrictions are also non-existent.

You will need further accreditation and your trade licence to work in the UAE real estate sector.

You must complete the Real Estate Regulatory Authority’s Certified Training for Real Estate Brokers course to be permitted to transact in the real estate market (RERA). After passing, you will receive a permit and be able to begin trading.

Our expert agents can assist you if you’re looking to register your business development in the UAE, a free zone, on the mainland, in Qatar, or Saudi Arabia. In addition, we provide monthly payment plans for registering UAE companies.

Are You Prepared to Launch Your Real Estate Venture in the UAE?

Although the steps to launch a business in the UAE are not very challenging, some prior knowledge of the process is required. Furthermore, it’s critical to remember that the application procedure can only be made simple if your company application is complete and error-free at the time of submission.

How Does the Business Setup in Dubai Aid the Establishment of a Real Estate Business?

One of the top companies that assist investors in Dubai and abroad in establishing their ideal company in the sector of their choice is Dubai Business Setup. We are trusted globally by a sizable and distinguished blue-chip customer.

From the beginning of the company establishment procedure to the same conclusion and beyond, we offer complete and personalised solutions for real estate business setup. Please get in touch with our expert agents to learn more.


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