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Hamriyah Free Zone Business Setup

The Hamriyah free zone in Sharjah is the most cost-effective and profitable free zones for business setup in the UAE. With the consultancy services of the professionals at Dubai Business Setup, the process of company formation in Hamriyah free zone becomes quick and smooth. Our consultants personally handle matters related to registration of companies and documentation related to the matter. We also assist the clients in the matters of legal formalities, licence, taxation details and visa requirements. Our business consultants at Dubai Business Setup are aware of the procedures involved in the setup of trade in the free zones of UAE. So, even if you are a novice in the field, you can totally rely on our professionals for the entire process. We always inform our clients about the costs involved in registration and licence for the business in advance so that they can be prepared financially.

UAE’s #1 Consultancy services for company setup in Hamriyah

The correct filling of documents for company formation is another vital aspect of starting a business in the free zones. Any error in the documentation might result in delay or cancelation of the process altogether. Thus hiring our experts help entrepreneurs to remain free from all these additional tensions of starting their trade. Enjoy tax exemptions and easy market access from the Hamriyah free zone. The area is ideal especially for the service providers and manufacturing companies who are looking to start international businesses.

Get every type of trade licence in Hamriyah Free Zone

In trade, nothing can beat the profit you can make at Dubai! Not only it is a tourist attraction, but it is also an attraction for businessmen from all around the world. There are so many freezones that offer hot spots for the trade of every sector in the industry. And the best part about these Free Zones is that registration and getting a license for business is a piece of cake!

When you are looking out for the best free zone for company formation, look no further than Hamriyah Free zone Dubai! There are so many reasons why you would love doing trade in this zone.

At, you are also assured to get assistance related to the opening of bank accounts for commercial purposes. You may drop in your questions online to get a better understanding of our advisory model.

Get started your business in Hamriyah, Sharjah

Every local and foreign businessman has to pay tax wherever they want to establish their office. It can get really tricky sometimes. Every nation follows a set of tax rules. But you can rejoice in Dubai! At Hamriyah freezone, you don’t have to pay tax at all! You can trust our consultants to successfully establish your business.

In addition to this, you don’t have customs duties to pay! More than anything, if you are a foreign national, you can have 100 percent ownership of the company that you have established here!

How to start a business Hamriyah Free Zone (HAFZA) – Take Our Advice Now

If you want to learn more about business setup, registration, or formation, you can simply contact the top consultants at Dubai Business Setup! Our agents have assisted many like you to get a license and establish an empire!

You will not believe that for about 15 years, you will not even have to worry about paying corporate tax! You can even renew the corporate tax exemption plan as well! If you don’t have a capital amount at the beginning, you don’t have to worry. Here, you don’t need a capital deposit!

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