When Is It Best To Set Up Company In UAE Mainland

Most of the foreign entrepreneurs prefer to start their business ventures in the free zone areas of UAE. There are several benefits which back this decision. However, the free zone areas do not make just the single option for the overseas entrepreneurs to start their business in UAE. It is important that you must select the location of your company setup depending on the nature of the work you are wanting to do.

For the entrepreneurs who are looking forward in trading directly with the markets of UAE or want to take up government contracts, Mainland Company setup in UAE is the ideal option. So, remember that you make your location choice for business depending on your trading partners and business activities. Here are some instances when Mainland Company set up in Dubai and UAE become the apt option for businessmen.

Trading With The Other Companies In Mainland:

This one of the most evident reasons, which makes Mainland Company set up a necessity for the entrepreneurs. There are certain restrictions which apply if you trade in the free zone areas but for mainland business, there are no such restrictions apply. Mainland business houses can conduct their business activities almost anywhere in the areas of UAE.

Mainland Company Set Up In Dubai Offers Wider Business Scope:

Mainland companies have better opportunities to explore the economy of UAE as compared to the free zone ones. Mainland businesses have better scope for diversification and do not require any further registrations when they want to expand.

Mainland Company Setup In UAE Helps To Build Up Strong Local Market Presence:

This is the greatest advantage which the mainland companies enjoy. You can open your office at almost any location in the city once you are registered in the mainland area. Open up multiple branches as the business grows and create a solid presence of your company all over the Emirates.

Affordability And Ease Of Running Business:

Just as the free zone areas have impressive incentives for the businessmen, so do the mainland areas of UAE have for the young entrepreneurs. The corporate tax rate of mainland companies is zero and also the requirement of minimum capital for these companies is nil. This makes carrying out business in the area quite affordable for the beginners. Audit requirements on the yearly basis are also not a compulsion for the mainland companies.

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