A Guide to Opening Tourism Company in Dubai

How to Open A Tourism Company In Dubai. Last year’s survey showed how Dubai has quickly become a favourite destination for travellers worldwide. However, it is not just the tourism industry but the city’s economic growth as well. This year is the perfect time if you are looking to invest in a tourism company setup Dubai.

However, Dubai is very particular about what kind of travel businesses they promote. So you have to be very careful about the documents and approvals. Here is a detailed list of the things you need to know if you are trying to form a travel company in Dubai.

What Should You Keep In Mind Before Opening A Travel Agency In Dubai?

In Dubai, you can make your travel agency either a sole proprietorship or an LLC. It is very important that you make this distinction carefully since your licensing and registration requirements depend on it. For LLCs, the criterion to get a license is a lot stricter.

However, if you are trying to develop a sole proprietorship company, you need to become a certified travel agent. Even before you start the registration process for your company, you need to consider some very important aspects as a travel agent. You need the following:

  • Your travel agency’s business form
  • Determining if your company work in Dubai Mainland Zone or a Free Zone
  • Acquire a local agent who helps register your company
  • The kind of travel agency license you apply for
  • An understanding of the license cost for travel and tourism companies

For better understanding, you will need a local sponsor who will own 51% of the company shares if you choose to operate in the mainland zone. However, if you set your business up in a free zine as a foreign investor, that is not a necessity. However, you cannot practice locally in Dubai. Instead, you will be constrained to the respective free zone.

The Process of Starting a Travel Agency in Dubai

Opening a travel agency in Dubai is rather straightforward. Yet, there are some necessary steps you need to follow. This will help you apply for the right kind of licensing for your company. The available licenses as of now include you functioning as a travel company, a travel agency, and an inbound or outbound travel operator.

What kind of license you get depends on your business activities and how you want to register here. You should also keep in mind that acquiring a travel license in Dubai requires a deposit of AED 100,000 to the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing.

What Kind Of Documents Do You Need?

The documents you need to submit To the Department of Tourism And Commerce, with the fee, are quite integral to getting the license. Make sure you do not miss out on any of these documents.

  • Your application Form
  • Passport Copies Of The Manager And Applicants
  • A Copy Of Your Identification Documents As UAE Nationals
  • Khulasat Al Qid’s Family Record
  • Notarised Copy Of The Certificate Of Experience Of The Manager
  • A NOC Letter From The Civil Aviation Authority
  • The Manager’s And Owner’s Good Conduct Certificate

All of these documents are very necessary for you to get your license, and any discrepancy might lead to a delay.

What Are Some Common Requirements For A Travel Agency License?

For starters, whoever you appoint as the manager of your agency should have at least five years at the least. If they have a certificate or diploma in tourism and travel, three years will do. For the tourism license, you need to:

  • Pay an initial fee for approval
  • Get your agency’s trade name approved
  • Get an insurance policy
  • Give a blueprint of the location your business operates in and a lease contract
  • Pay your fee for the tourism license

Other requirements include your office being at least 30 metres long for each business activity and having a contract for at least three months.

How Do Travel Agencies In Dubai Function?

In all travel agencies at their initial stage, a common structure employed is the limited liability company. In Dubai, the company can undertake both inbound and outbound tour operators, enabling them to organise events inside and outside the emirates. The travel agency also handles visa procedures for all foreign tourists.

A necessary criterion, however, is that they should have insurance coverage for all business activities during their contract. The manager will also have to get clearance from Dubai’s Police Department.

If all this is too confusing for you, you can always seek the help of a reputed company like Dubai Business Setup. They have been a part of this industry for a long time and have trained and qualified professionals who can help you.