How to Start a Travel Agency in Dubai

There’s no denying the fact that Dubai is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. As per the latest report, Dubai received almost tourists a rough 15 million tourists until last year before the global health crisis. This number is expected to spike up massively. Additionally, the thriving tourism industry in this part of the world often generates interest among foreign investors to set up a travel agency to cater to the oncoming tourism crowd for superior revenue.

Things to Consider When Opening a Travel Agency in Dubai

It is essential to mention that you can run a travel agency both as a limited liability company and as a sole proprietorship. This distinction is all the more necessary for the eventual registration and licensing formalities. When you are considering a company setup as a limited liability company, the requirements and demands for the registration formalities are way more stringent. On the other hand, when you are setting up the travel agency, you will have to gain certification to practice lawfully under a sole proprietorship.

  • Business Form Which Will Help The Travel Agency Operate
  • Necessary To Establish If The Company Will Operate In Dubai Or One Of Its Free Zones
  • Need To Appoint A Local Agent To Register The Company On Your Behalf Only If A Foreign Entrepreneur
  • Important To Carefully Choose The Type Of Travel Agency License For Application
  • Sufficient Funds To Set Up The Business

It is essential to mention that if you plan to set up a travel agency in one of Dubai’s free zones, you will have superior relaxation for manoeuvring your business to yield greater profits. Furthermore, you will enjoy complete control by this method, and you don’t need a partner for the company.

Steps To Open a Travel Agency in Dubai

It is noteworthy to mention that opening a Travel Agency in Dubai is extremely easy, only if the registration procedure is followed to the dot. Furthermore, you must apply for the appropriate tourism license for the cause.

  • Travel Company License
  • Travel Agency License
  • Inbound Travel Operator License
  • Outbound Travel Operator License

Necessary Documents That Need Submission for the Issuance of Dubai Travel Agent License
Here’s a detailed breakdown of all the necessary documentation that you must file to the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce along with the deposit.

  • An Application Form
  • Passports Copies Of The Applicants And Manager
  • Khulasat Al Qi (Family Record ) And Copy Of The Citizenship
  • Identification Documents
  • Duplicate Copy Of The Manager’s Certificate Of Experience
  • Certificates for the Owner And Manager’s Good Conduct
  • Non Objection Certificate Issued By The Civil Aviation Authority

Requirements for Opening a Travel Agency in Dubai
Any Dubai-based travel company setup agency needs to have a manager with three years of experience to hold a university diploma or a certificate in travel and tourism. Otherwise, they will need five years of experience for just having a high school diploma.

  • Initial Approval Fee
  • Approval Of The Agency’s Trade Name
  • An Insurance Policy
  • Provide A Lease Contract
  • Provide The Blueprint Of The Location Where The Travel Agency Will Operate

PS. You must have the contract signed at least three months before the application. Furthermore, you must also have an office space that has at least thirty meters for each activity.

Obtaining an Inbound/Outbound Travel Agency License in Dubai
It is essential to mention that the most common types of licenses that travel agencies obtain for business in Dubai include either inbound or outbound. This will help you to offer tourism packages, both inside as well as outside the UAE.

  • Application Form Issued By The Department For Tourism And Commerce Marketing
  • A Copy Of The Passport Must Also Be Submitted For Foreign Owners
  • For Any New Facility, A Feasibility Report On The Project To Be Completed
  • Certificate For Travel Agency’s Manager’s Qualifications
  • Certificate for the Business’ Owner Good Conduct

If you plan to set up a travel agency in Dubai, you must adhere to the qualification mentioned earlier requirements. This will effectively help you in starting your business on the right note. Furthermore, if you need any professional help in the process, you must give us a call at Dubai Business Setup.

We are industry famous for our company formation specialists, who will be at your disposal. They will provide you with all the necessary information and services for you to get a bright start. When it comes to any matters relating to company incorporation procedures, our skilful trainers are trained to provide end-to-end services, starting from tax to VAT registration.

The tourism sector in Dubai is regulated exceptionally tightly. Hence if you are not getting the right opportunity for your business investment while complying with the rules, you must rely on professional guidance to save costly headaches while also futureproofing your venture.