How to Setup a Pest Control Business in Dubai?

Individuals planning to start new business in Dubai can consider setting up a pest control company. This write-up would educate you about the process of setting up a pest control business in Dubai.

Is Pest Control Business the Right Career Option for You?

Before starting a pest control company, you must ensure that you are not one of those squeamish gentries. That’s because the process of running such businesses involves dealing with termites, rats, mice, roaches, etc. to look after your clients’ wellbeing.

Make sure you have the right kind of manpower required to run such a business successfully. If you don’t have skilled workers, you will not be able to provide your clients with comprehensive pest control services.

The next thing you must do is get a permit from the Department of Economic Development (DED) Dubai. Find out how you can get the permit.

Begin by Applying for the NOC

When you are just starting in this industry, you will need an introductory endorsement from the DED along with a trade-name. You’ll need to submit certain documents along with area subtleties at the Dubai Municipality (DM) office to request an investigation.

The DM office will send professionals to carry required investigations and based on the findings they will decide whether you are eligible for the NOC. If you meet all the required criteria, the NOC will reach you within 3 to 5 working days.

Sign a Contract with an Engineer

You will need an engineer to play the role of the chief for all pest control operations carried out by your company. The engineer you hire for the role should complete a 4-year degree in pesticide assurance/insect security/agriculture/open insurance. Additionally, he must also possess a year (or more) of experience working in the open heath pest control sector.

Here, we would like to note that if you have any of the above degrees, you’ll be allowed to play the role of the engineer.

The engineer will have to submit duplicates of his international ID and Visa. These duplicates will be checked by a DM officer. The officer might ask the engineer to submit more documents to prove his authenticity.

Once the officer is happy with the documents, he will allow the engineer/chief to sit for a test at the Dubai Municipality.

About the DM Pest Control Permit Test

You’ll have to spend AED 220 to sit for the permit test conducted by the Dubai Municipality. The test is short and can be taken online. To pass the test, you’ll need to score at least 70. Upon failing the test, you will be allowed to reapply after a month. Results are usually out within 15 to 20 days of the test date.

Once you or the engineer appointed by you pass the test, a proof card will be issued within 3 to 5 working days. The cost of the card is AED 150.

Hire At Least a Couple of Efficient Technicians
The technicians hired by you will be first trained by the engineer, who has already passed the DM test. Once they understand their job and learn the nitty-gritty of the profession, they will have to take a test. The fee for this test is AED 120.

Once the above steps are completed successfully, the name of your company will be registered as a licensed pest control firm in Dubai.

If you feel that any of the above steps are complex, you can get in touch with Dubai Business Setup. We will ensure that you can start new business in the pest control sector without any difficulty.