How to get real estate license in Dubai?

Many people are eager to join Dubai’s real estate market because of the beautiful skyline, impressive engineering feats, and cutting-edge constructions. A job as a real estate agent in Dubai can be the perfect fit if you have strong communication skills and enjoy the adrenaline of closing a deal. However, how do you approach it? You can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to get a real estate license Dubai in this blog article.

Why Become a Real Estate Agent in Dubai?

Many people find it interesting to work as real estate agents in the United Arab Emirates for various reasons. You will mostly deal with the most expensive marketable asset: real estate. Suppose you can work hard to establish a solid reputation and have the necessary sales and negotiating abilities. In that case, you may earn a decent commission on top of your base pay.

The second reason individuals become real estate agents is that it is an exciting career path. You have a wonderful opportunity to meet with a varied and ethnic clientele in this interesting line of work.

Getting to the top of Dubai’s real estate agents is not simple. You will need to put in a lot of effort, communicate with consumers frequently, and can recognise their requirements because this is a cutthroat profession.

Real estate agents work as independent contractors by some brokerage companies on a commission-only basis. Others provide a compensation system that combines base salary with commission.

In any event, most of the agent’s revenue often comes from commissions. Becoming a real estate agent in Dubai comprises numerous steps if you’re wondering how to do it. And it takes years to develop a solid portfolio to become a successful agency.

What Is RERA In Dubai?

The land department of Dubai has a regulating agency called the Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA). It strives to control the real estate market in Dubai, offering a legal framework for all parties engaged in the industry and upholding the regulations. This body ensures that everyone in the industry complies with the law and the norms and that the real estate market runs smoothly, fairly, and efficiently.

Steps To Obtain A RERA License in Dubai

The RERA license is only the first step on your path to success as a real estate agent in Dubai. This necessitates appearing for the RERA test and pass to obtain a RERA license. To obtain a real estate license Dubai, you must adhere to the following steps:

  1. Apply for A Residency Visa

Obtaining a valid residence visa and Emirates ID is the first step in becoming a real estate agent in Dubai if you are not a citizen of the UAE. The United Arab Emirates is a nation governed by laws. These rules apply to all immigration-related matters, including work permits and visas. This step does not apply to nationals or UAE residents, or GCC. To work in the UAE, however, travellers from other nations need a valid visa.

  1. Apply for DREI Certified Training

You want to apply for training with the Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), an organisation under the Dubai Land Department (DLD) that gives agents the training required to work in the real estate sector.

The RERA-approved 4-day training provides agents with a thorough understanding of Dubai’s real estate industry, procedures, and rules. You must pay the training fee to enrol in this course, which one can take online or in any of DLD’s training facilities. To enrol in this program, you must additionally send a copy of your resident visa or Emirates ID.

  1. Application Process

You must apply for a business trade name that conforms with the UAE business naming regulations, ensuring that it reflects what your firm does and refrains from using objectionable terminology.

After that, you must complete the online registration and submit several papers. If you reside there, you will also need a no objections certificate (NOC) from the free zone authorities. You also need to have your payment voucher and the signatures of all shareholders.

  1. Take the RERA Exam

The next stage is to take the written RERA test after finishing the DREI program. The exam costs vary depending on the degree or diploma you possess. This exam will cost about AED 3,200 if you have a bachelor’s degree in a related discipline. You will need to spend AED 6,300 for the exam if you do not have a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

  1. Get the RERA License

After completing the RERA test, you may now receive the real estate developer company license to work as a licensed real estate agent in Dubai. A Certificate of Good Conduct attests to a person’s moral character and absence from unlawful activity. It will help to get a RERA license.

The Dubai Land Department (DLD) will grant the license within two or three days of your application. The DLD will include your contact information as one of the licensed real estate agents as soon as you have the license.

You can renew the license one month before its expiration date and is only good for one year. You must pass the RERA test again with a minimum score of 85% and pay the renewal costs to renew your license.

The client will view a real estate agent as more reputable if they hold a RERA license. Buyers and sellers trust a licensed agent, who rely more on him while purchasing and selling real estate.

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