Guide For A Swift Setup Of Your Company

Every successful business in today’s world was once just an idea in somebody’s mind. If you are having a plan in your mind, then why do not you plan and execute it? If you have a plan and do not know where to set up your business, why do not you start with Dubai? Dubai has been a great tourist destination for years. However, now Dubai is expanding at a tremendous rate in international business investments.

What Are Free Zones?

Dubai is great for business investments. It is so because of the free zones of Dubai. If you do not know about the free zones, here is the explanation. Free zones are areas designated for company formation, where the business-related economic activities are either taxed at a very low rate or not taxed at all. This is done by the government to encourage the investment done in the country and attract foreign companies.

Major Benefit Of Business In Dubai

When working in a free zone company set up in Dubai, the major benefit you get from that is you remain the owner of your company. In simpler terms, when you start a business in Dubai you get to choose from two options, Free zone business, and Mainland business. Both businesses have pros and cons. Let’s discuss it in detail.

In The Mainland Business, The Owner Has To Be A UAE National

In case you are not a UAE national, then you need to make a UAE national member of the management board and have to give at least 51% of your stakes to that person. That simply means that the UAE national has more power and shares in a company founded by you and has a higher say than you in any kind of decision making of the company.

Your Abilities Of Business Are Within A Zone

In a free zone business, you get to have one hundred percent ownership of your company and remain the head of execution of your company. However, in the free zone business sector of UAE, you are not allowed to expand the business outside that zone. In order to do that, you need to register your company again but this time as a private sector company, which makes it a mainland business.

From all the above discussion, we get a conclusion that starting your business as a free zone company setup in Dubai is the best option available. If you are willing to setup a business in Dubai, get in touch with Dubai Business Setup. They have the best agents available in Dubai who would help you in every aspect of company formation in Dubai.