Gearing Up For Expo 2020

The last Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) General Assembly held in November 2013 decided that the next Expo 2020 would be held in the city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Since the official announcement, Dubai has been dealing with a bast inflow in the number of tourists, businessmen, and foreign investors.

Why Was Dubai Chosen?

It is no big surprise that Dubai was chosen as the venue for the Expo 2020. Since the late 1950s, the United Arab Emirates has slowly grown in importance as one of the major financial and commercial destinations in the Middle East and the world. UAE has seen rapid development and meteoric progress in its infrastructure, facilities, and economy.

At the helm of all this development and progress is the city of Dubai. Dubai is truly a shining example of the wonders the UAE government has managed to bring forth in such a short time. With a large number of legislative measures which make Free Zone company formation in the UAE remarkably easy, the government has ensured that there is always a steady flow of foreign investors into the country.

Important Laws To Know

There are even separate tax laws and business guidelines for foreign businesses and domestic businesses. Business setup in Dubai has never been easier and it is especially lucrative right now in the years leading to the Expo 2020. Expo 2020 is a highly publicised and respectable event and can do wonders for the brand image of your business. That is why it would be an amazing opportunity for you if you established a business on Dubai soil before Expo 2020 begins.

Real Estate In Dubai

Dubai is one of the few cities on the planet where the value of real estate appreciates by immense rates every passing year. It is one of the most valuable real estate locations and is one of the most cosmopolitan and multicultural places on the planet. It is studded with luxurious hotels, sophisticated restaurants, plush shopping complexes and is an immensely attractive place to operate a business out of. You should not lose any time and grab a prime piece of real estate during your business setup in Dubai.

Business Opportunities Galore
The benefits that come along with Free Zone company formation in Dubai are unparalleled. You get numerous tax exemptions and manage to save a significant amount of money in operational costs. The license and registration processes are incredibly smooth and the amount of bureaucratic red tape involved in virtually non-existent. Operating a Free Zone company in Dubai is extremely attractive and the perks are massive.

It is time that you come to Dubai and engage the services of consultants who will help you through your business setup in Dubai before Expo 2020. Then, in 2020, you can reap the benefits of the Expo and watch as your business grows and grows.