Dubai – The Upcoming Startup Hub

Dubai nurtures talent and it has entrepreneurial spirit embedded in it. It boasts to have one of the best business environments in the whole world. That is the reason Dubai startup industry is scaling new heights day by day. Many startups and multinational companies have started to choose Dubai as their base.

UAE government continues to focus on supporting the startup ecosystem. They are helping entrepreneurs in new company setup in Dubai. The government also encourages foreign investors to make the country’s economy stronger. Startups in Dubai are also gaining momentum as the investors are increasing day by day.

This article discusses how Dubai is on its way to become the next big startup hub. Business Setup Consultants in Dubai are leaving no stone unturned to guide you through the whole process of making your own startup dream come true.


The markets of Asia, the Middle-East and Africa are developing very fast. Dubai is strategically located as it has easy access to Asia, Africa, Europe, the GCC and the entire Middle-East. Dubai also has a world-class transportation and business infrastructure. It is also geographically central to many of the fast developing markets around the world. So, you can try to do company setup in Dubai as it is the ideal location to set up your startup. Dubai has a world-class infrastructure in terms of business parks, travel, offices, buildings, and other amenities.

Prominent Sectors

Cleantech, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, fintech, virtual reality, analytics, and augmented reality are some of the prominent sectors. Startups are also showing their interest in gaming, robotics, the Internet of things, education, healthcare, smart cities, travel, and tourism etc. Though most of the startups are focusing on eCommerce, the region is also showing interest in logistics and creative sides as well.


Dubai has become a natural choice for the entrepreneurs as it has very low taxes. Foreign investors get the privilege of ‘free zone economy’. It means 100% tax exemptions. Therefore, as a business owner you are going to make more profit. This is because you do not have to pay any income tax or corporate tax to the government. Dubai does not charge VAT, so it is a paradise for shopping. So, tourists from all over the world come here. Under free zone set up in Dubai, a foreign investor can also enjoy 100% business ownership. Dubai free zone setup also allows them to take the profits to their respective countries.

Legal Framework

Business Setup Consultants in Dubai are also there to guide you through the legal procedures. To attract more foreign investors, the UAE government has simplified all the rules (except criminal law) for them. Foreign investors require doing the minimum to no paperwork. They have easy access to local currency as well. And license and registration process is also very simple.

So, if you are looking forward to establishing to start your own business, Dubai is your place. It is the world’s most future-forward city. It is gaining worldwide attention day by day as it is implementing the next-generation technology. Dubai is having socio-economic development while boosting happiness and satisfaction for the wider community. From a long time, Dubai is the epicentre of Business in the region. Not only that, it is also inviting the world to be inspired and turn their dreams into reality.