Dubai Will Become The ‘World’s Happiest City’ – Why?

Dubai is an incredible commercial powerhouse and economic bigwig in the Gulf Region. Dubai’s influence on the economy does not only affect the Gulf regions anymore. Dubai’s influence is now worldwide. It is now the most attractive city in the world for foreign investors and entrepreneurs. Since the latter half of the twentieth century, Dubai and its government have been working ceaselessly towards making Dubai the business capital of the world.

That goal has been largely achieved. Dubai boasts of one of the highest Per Capita Incomes in the entire world. The quality of life of Dubai citizens is also unmatched. Here are some reasons why Dubai will soon become the ‘World’s Happiest City’.

Administrative And Legislative Measures To Bolster Foreign Investment

The biggest and most deciding factor in Dubai’s growth is how attractive it is to foreign investors, entrepreneurs and companies. The Emirati government has taken many legislative and administrative measures so that it is very easy to start a business in Dubai. There are completely different sets of civil law for foreign investors and for Emirati citizens.

Foreign investors find it much easier to set up a business in Dubai than the citizens themselves. There is absolutely no bureaucratic red tape involved and all licensing and registration processes go smoothly and quickly.

Establishment Of Free Trade Zones Has Done Immense Good To Dubai

Another way that the Emirati government has ensured the continued growth and attractiveness of the city is the establishment of Free Trade Zones. The UAE government has demarcated certain areas of the country as Free Trade Zones.

Foreign businesses and firms registered to a Free Trade Zone enjoy multiple benefits like 100% ownership rights, 0% tax, 100% exemption from import-export duties and free transfer of funds. If you want to start a business in Dubai, then the Free Zone is the best place to begin.

How Can You Go About All This?

If you are a little intimidated by the paperwork and registration that the establishment and registration of businesses will require, then you can engage the services of company setup consultants. These consultants help you to establish a successful business in Dubai. They can take care of the confusing paperwork and legal processes that come along with business registration in the United Arab Emirates.

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